Kitchen Design

Kitchen Telford would like to welcome you to experience a Kitchen Design with one of our highly trained kitchen designers.

Free Colour Brochure

We now have available a kitchen brochure which is completely free. Take your copy today by contacting us.

Powerful Support

Once your enquiry has submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours. You are in the best place to get the best value for money on a new kitchen.

Design Service

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Let our designer take away all the stress that may occur whilst you try to design your kitchen. They will help you to completely design your kitchen without taking you out the picture. Helping on the tricky bits that you may of thought you would not be able to conquer. You will be able to browse through our brochure whilst the designer takes all measurements, material coordination and logistics.

The designer will:
  • Will sit and go through your budget with you.
  • Find out your normal day to day life so that we can work around you for delivery.
  • Draw up a design and get some ideas on paper.
  • Take full measurements of the space you have for the kitchen.
  • Once you are happy with the design they will then place your products and material on order.

You can book you consultation with us at a time that suits you. Some properties can have awkward shaped entrances, corners, ceilings, and floors which means getting the design right has to done by our experienced designers. So our designers will survey your kitchen space, take all measurements and submit a quotation there and then for you. Our kitchen designers our fully trained to make sure that any challenging problems will be solved on the day of design. All it will take to get your dream kitchen designed is just one hour. What are you waiting for?

Delivery And Support

We have a completely free delivery service. Where will deliver your kitchen at a time that suits you. Our production team will contact you the day before delivery to confirm that the time given is still suitable to you.